Affiliations & Links

The administrative directives and Teacher Certification are governed by the requirements of the All-India Council for Secondary Certificate Examinations Council requirement

Regulatory Environment


ISE/ISC affiliation Regulator
Syllabus prescribed by the council for ICSE and ISC examinations Regulatory
NOC Compliance
Audit System Compliance
State Government Affiliation under NIOS for KSPS Compliance

The school pays the affiliation fees to the council every year. The school operates in Jamshedpur under the jurisdiction of the D.C. East Singhbhum and the students are primarily from Jamshedpur only.

The School is already a part of :

  • Always ahead in adopting innovative teaching methodology KSMS became a part of The UKIERI (UK India Education Research Initiative) School Cluster Partnership Programme in 2009. UKIERI offers grants to schools in the UK and India. These grants support collaborative curriculum projects, exchange visits, professional development and intercultural exchange between the schools participating in the project in India and UK. The 6 schools in Jamshedpur cluster were selected through an assessment process followed by visit to Wales to learn and understand the educational systems prevalent

  • TSEEM:
  • Tata Steel Excellence Education Model is driven by Tata Quality Management Systems, Tata Steel. KSMS became a part of Excellence in Education drive since its inception. It has provided us with an opportunity to focus on continual improvement in our school.

  • PACE:
  • Principal’s Awareness of Creativity in Education was created in 2006 by the leading schools of Jamshedpur. From a strength of 18 schools, today it has 24 members who meet on a monthly basis to share innovative practices and build an alignment in their working strategies resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

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