Academic Session 2016 — 2017

March 2016

10th Thu New Academic Session for Std X and XII
11th Fri Orientation for l.kG
14th Mon New Academic Session begins for all classes
15th Tue Regular school for all
23rd Wed to 24th  Thu Holi (Holiday)
25th  Fri Good Friday (Holiday)

April 2016

4th Mon Meeting with Std I student's parents .......(Time 8:00am - 9:00am) Meeting with Std II student's parents ......(Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
5th Tue Meeting with Std III student's parents .......(Time 8:00am - 9:00am) Meeting with Std IV student's parents ......(Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
6th Wed Meeting with Std V student's parents .......(Time 8:00am - 9:00am) Meeting with Std VI student's parents ......(Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
7th Thu Meeting with Std VII student's parents .......(Time 8:00am - 9:00am) Meeting with Std VIII student's parents ......(Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
8th Fri Meeting with Std IX student's parents .......(Time 8:00am - 9:00am) Meeting with Std X student's parents ......(Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
9th Sat Orientation for Class Xi
11th Mon Regular Classes for Std Xi begin, Meeting with Std XII student's partents (Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm)
12th Tue Whats the Good word (quiz in English) Std IV (Inter Section) Incharge Teacher Satinder
13h  Wed Whats the Good word (quiz in English) Std V-VII(Inter Section) Incharge Teacher Soma Sarkar
14th Thu Ambedkar Jayanti
15th Fri Vishu (Holiday)
16th Sat Ram Navami Jhanda (Holiday)
18th Mon Prepration for KG Day, - Teacher Navjot, U.Kg - Incharge -Teacher Sarabjeet
19th Tue Inter House Table Competition (II-IV), Teacher incharge- Shobha Sukumaran.
20th Wed Sudoku - Inter Class Competition (V-VII), Teacher Incharge - Pravind Singh
21st  Thu Sudoku - Inter Class Competition (VIII-IX), Teacher Incharge - Rashmi Jain
22nd Fri Inter House Chess Competition (Sub Jr.) Incharge Deepak Jagan.
  World Earth Day - Environment Club
25th Mon K.G Day prepration
26th Tue Primary Day prepration
28th Thu Whats the Good word (quiz in English) Std VIII-X Incharge Teacher Darshana Seth
29th Fri Academic Prize Night Pratice
30th Sat Annual Academic Prize Night (JUNIORS)

MAY 2016

2nd Mon May Day Celebration - Interact Club
3rd Tue Practice for KG Day
5th Thu Quiz on JRD - Incharge teacher Reena Banerjee
7th Sat Last working day for all
9th Mon to 13th June Summer Vacation

June 2016

5th Sun World Environment Day - Activity
10th Fri School reopens for office staff
11th Sat School reopens for teachers
13th Mon School reopens for students
14th Tue Primary Day prepration
18th Sat Working day with Monday time-table
20th Mon KG Day prepration
21st Tue World Yoga day
23rd Thu Mother's Day celebration (L.Kg/U.Kg)
24th Fri Mother's Day celebration (Std I - IIII)
30th Thu Annual Academic Prize Night (Seniors)

July 2016

7th Thu Id-ul-fitr (Holiday)
11th Mon to 21st Thu Quarterly Examination
26th Tue English Elocution - S/F, Incharge Std II - Tr. Michelle, Std III - Tr. Baishali, Std IV - Tr. Daisy
27th Web English Elocution - S/F, Incharge Std V - Tr. M.K.Parvathuy, Std VI - Tr. Nandita, Std VII - Tr. Indira
28th Thu English Elocution / Declaration -( S/F), Incharge Std VIII - Tr. Shanti A., Std IX - Tr. Baljinder, Std X - Tr. Rima Sengupta
29th Fri Declaration Std XI (S/F) - Incharge Tr. Reena Banerjee, Std XII(S/F)- Incharge Tr. Kakoly

August 2016

5th Fri Primary Day - Std I -III
10th Web ETHICS DAY - Tr. Shailaija
13th Sat Annual English Elocution / Declamation Contest (Finals), Working day with Tuesday time table.
15th Mon Independence Day (compulsory for Std V & above)
18th Thu Raksha Bandhan (Holiday)
22nd Mon Story telling Std I / U.Kg
23rd Tue Safety Day - Inter School competition organised by SAFE Club
25th Thu Janamashtmi (Holiday)
29th Mon Drawing competition (inter section) Std I and U.Kg
Sepetember 2016
1st Thu Whats the good word (Quiz in English), Inter House Competition VIII-X, Incharge Tr. Sharanpreet
5th Mon Teacher's Day / Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)
6th Tue Teacher's Day Celebration
7th Wed Inter Class Debate (Std V-VII) Incharge - Tr. Chitra, World Litrary Day, World Sucide Prevention Day, Activity organised by Care & Share Club & Happiness Club, Working Day with Wednesday Time table
12th Mon Fancy Dress - L.Kg/U.Kg (Inter Class competition)
13th Tue Bakri-id (Holiday)
14th Wed Onam (Holiday)
17th Sat Vishwakarma Puja (Holiday)
19th Mon Fancy dress - Std I (Interclass competition)
26th Mon to 6th Oct Thu Half Yearly Examination
October 2016
2nd Sun Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
7th Fri to 16th Sun Durga Puja (Holiday)
17th Mon School repopns for all (Office, teachers and students)
19h  Wed Science Quiz - Inter House (V-VII) Tr. Incharge - Moumita Hazara
20th Thu Science Quiz - Inter House (VIII-X) Tr. Incharge - Sujata Singh
26th Wed Fathers Day celebration (Std VIII) Incharge - Class teacher
27th Thu Commerce Quiz - Std IX-XII Inter House Quiz Incharge Jr.Sunita
30th Sun & 31st Mon Diwali Holiday
November 2016
1st Tue Youth Fest Std II -IV
6th Sun & 7th Mon Chaath (Holidays)
9th Wed Suggestion Mela - Incharge Tr. Abha
14th Mon Childrens Day / Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
15th Tue Children's Day Celebration
17th Thu Hindi Inter House Skit Competition (Theme-based), Incharge Tr. Aruna Jha
24th Thu Computer Quiz - VIII - X incharge Mr. Amrender
25th Fri Sports Day(pratice)
26th Sat Sports Day
December 2016
1st Thu Grand Parents Day (IV-VI)
6th Tue Youth Fest (V-VII)
7th Web Youth Fest (VIII-XII)
8th Thu Youth Fest (VIII-XII)
10th Sat Prize Distribution - Youth Fest
20th Tue Last Working Day
21st Wed to 3rd Jan 2017 Winter Vacation
January 2017
3rd Tue School reopens for all (Office staff, teachers and students), Pre ICSE and ISC begin
5th Thu Guru Govind Singh Jayanti (Holiday)
6th Fri Dance Hobby Presentation
9th Tue Meeting with parents of Std VII Students (Time : 8:30am - 9:00am)
14th Sat Sankranti (Holiday)
18th Wed Yoga Hobby Presentation
19th Thu Table Hobby Presentation
20th Fri Karate Hobby Presentation
26th Thu Republic Day (compulsory for Std V & above)
February 2017
1st Wed Saraswati Puja (Holiday)
8th Web to 18th Sat Final Examination
24th Fri Sankranti (Holiday)
March 2017
16th Thu New Academic Session Begins

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