School Clubs


We the members of the SAFE club at K.S.M.S. belief in ensuring safety at all times and for individuals who are a part of our family.Our motto has been “Safe today no regrets tomorrow”. In our endeavour towards providing a safe and conclusive atmosphere we have joined hands towards this cause that will ignite young minds towards a safer today and a happier tomorrow.

Moderator : Ms.J.Chayya


Jamshedpur Youth Organization for Tomorrow’s India has about 25 local schools as member, KSMS being one of them. The JYOTI Club actively takes part in several social and cultural activities that sensitize students to social concern, responsibility and care among the students. The club initiates activities that mitigate sorrow and bring smiles to the face of the down trodden and the less privileged. Helping the poor and the needy, distribution of food, clothes, medicines, dental check-up, taking part in various competition forum and visiting historical place are main activites of the Club.

Moderator : Ms.Abha Vishwakarma


We the members of the Interact club of K.S.M.S. believe in striving for excellence in all fields of action and working together for the welfare of the society as a whole. Our motto has been to light one small candle instead of cursing the darkness. In our gesture for doing something good for the society, its true as someone said, we need to pay the rent of the space we have occupied on this earth, by doing services in various field.

Moderator : Ms.Sudha Singh


Eco-Club of KSMS is actively involved in creating a cleaner greener and healthier environment for one and all. The primary objective is to make people eco-friendly and to get the actively involved in various environmental issues and to promote ways of recycling and reducing waste and motivating them to use alternative ways which are eco-friendly. It’s activities are tree plantation, cleanliness drive, rallies and street plays, making best out of waste, making and sale of paper bags in collaboration with Hindi Project School children.

Moderator : Ms. Sheela Sudhakaran



Ms. Sreerekha Mohan

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