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Invigilator-less Exams

To build character and develop values of honesty, integrity and confidence we conduct examinations without supervising teachers. Opting for this kind of exam is optional.

Adoption of Weak Students

Peer Learning and Teaching is encouraged by allowing brighter students to help weaker ones and due appreciation in the form of a certificate is given to them when improvement is seen. We also have one teacher adopting one very weak student per term to help in improving the performance of the child. The teacher continues to be responsible for the same students if no significant improvement is seen.

Reward & Recognition

The most prestigious award- a gold medal, is also the most unique award that KSMS gives to it’s student who scores above 90% in all subjects in ICSE/ ISC examination.

Principal's award is given to students beyond the academic achievements to students who take up unique initiatives / leadership qualities

Cash Award for scoring >90% in particular subjects for both students and Teachers

Other prestigious award are :
Rolling trophies
Mrs. Sarala Reddy Rolling Trophy for all round performance in Std. III.
Kanchan Khandelwal Memorial Rolling Trophy for all round performance in Std. IV.
Highest in ICSE History.
Highest in ICSE Biology.
Highest in ICSE Hindi.
CI chacko Memorial Trophy for Highest Aggregate in ICSE.
Highest in ISC Accounts
Highest in ISC Maths.
Highest in ISC English.
Highest aggregate in ISC Science.
Late P.N. Menon Memorial Trophy for highest aggregate in ISC commerce.
Kerala Samajam Trophy for all round performance in Std. X.
Rolling Trophy for all round performance in Std. XII.

Mr. PTK Panicker Scholarship for all round performance in std VII
Mr. K  Ram Prasad Memorial Award for highest in ICSE English.
Highest in ICSE Chemistry.
Highest in ICSE Maths.
Highest in ICSE History and Geography
Highest in ISC Commerce
Highest in ISC Maths
Highest in ISC Business Maths
Mr VSK Menon Cash Award
Rs. 100/- each for scoring 90% and above in a particular subject.

Inclusive Education

At KSMS an environment is created where slow learners study along with other children. The students are sensitised to the needs of these special children. Experienced teachers are given the responsibility of handling such students.

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