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Kerala Samajam Model School completes twenty-five years of existence. A block of twenty five years is not a big span in the life of an institution. However it is indeed an occasion for celebration for introspection for a nostalgic walk down the memory lane and indeed an occasion to dream for the future. A tiny sapling planted twenty five years ago has grown into a mammoth banyan tree that shines bright with splendid foliage and provides shelter to multitudes in its trunk, twigs and branches.

The fact that makes us proud is we progressed without any patronage from any individual or any corporate sector. We had a dream to turn our school into to an ideal center of learning and our mission was to provide quality education at an affordable cost to the denizens of the town. The Kerala Samajam Model School grew from strength to strength and today it enjoys the patronage of the steel city society as a center of excellence in education. The transformation was possible with the support of my colleagues in the Samajam and committed contribution of successive Principals and their dedicated competent teams.

Kerala Samajam Model School has been a pioneer in diverse innovative fields -not only in academics, but co- curricular, extra-curricular and cultural activities, community development and environment protection. We had the courage and vision to utilize the power of youth in extending a responsive and constructive hand to the rural development work. Our students and teachers also acts as catalysts in the spread and sustenance of education in the poor tribal villages thus imbibing in students the spirit of social responsibility.

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