A Salute to “Martyr of India” by Inetractors of

Admin | Wednesday July 26, 2017

On 26th July 2017, on the occasion of “Vijay Kargil Diwas” when the people of Jamshedpur were enjoying the rain,  41 enthusiastic students of  Interact Club of Kerela  Samajam  Model School visited the  “Rapid Action Force (RAF)” camp in Sundernagar.  Students saw Men’s Hall, Officer’s Mess, AMD Colony and  Canteen of this camp. Students interacted with RAF Officers and asked them questions as per their interest. Students also witnessed a short movie based on “MARTYR  DOMS  OF THE SOLDIERS” after which all  Interactors were very enthusiastic.  Students were very much moved by the “DISC IPLINED  LIFE  STYLE” of the Officers.

Students of  KSMS also presented a  patriotic song which moved the entire crowd into a patriotic mood. Students also presented cards made by them to show their respect and  “ATTITUDE  OF  GRATITUDE”  towards the Officers who risk their lives to protect our country.They were also briefed on the upcoming changes in  “INDIAN ARMY”  in coming days which was a very motivational act put up by the Officers.  Entire activity was handled in a very warm manner by  Commandant.  P Kujur.

As per students, its was an unforgettable experience where they learned a  lot and are willing to be inspired in their coming future.

Entire activity was encouraged by  Principal  Mrs. Nandini  Shukla and students were accompanied to the camp by Moderator Mrs. Sudha Singh and  Astt. Moderator   Mrs. Pushpa  Ojha.