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Interactors of KSMS
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Environmental Awareness by Interactors of KSMS

Admin | Wednesday July 5, 2017

On 5th July, 2017 Interact Club of KSMS visited near by the slum of School to spread environmental awareness. Slum dwellers in sakchi on Wednesday received tips on hygiene and cleanliness from Interact club members of Kerala Samajam Model School.
Interactors met nearby slum dwellers, usually vulnerable to dengue and malaria in monsoon because of unhygienic living conditions, aware about the importance of keeping homes and surroundings clean and dry to keep vector-borne diseases away. As part of their annual monsoon programme around 25 interactors of KSMS Interact club also distributed mosquito coils and bleaching powder, to around 35 houses hold in the slums.
Interactors also sprinkled bleaching powder on drains, manholes which are breeding ground of mosquitoes and flies in the monsoon.
It would not have been possible without the proper guidance of school’s principal Mrs. Nandini Shukla and the Interact club moderators Mrs. Sudha Singh and Mrs. Pushpa Ojha.