Let’s talk on Adolescence

Admin | Friday November 3, 2017

Let’s talk on Adolescence and have healthy future 

On 3rd November 2017, the fourth day of Interact week – Interact Club of Kerala Samajam Model School organized an Interactive session with students of XI and XII, conducted by renowned Gynecologist of Jamshedpur Dr. Indu Chauhan.

Dr. Chauhan talked about skill of adolescence, biological, physical and hormonal changes in teenagers. She also discussed several topics related to adolescence such as hormonal changes in youngster which causes several physical and behavioral changes.

She discussed menstrual cycle, disorders, and precautions to be taken, reproductive health issues, problems and strategies along with an explanation of contraceptive methods. She discussed the safe and hygienic usage of sanitary napkins.

Dr. Chauhan also discussed “good touch bad touch” amongst students for anyone in their surroundings.

The purpose of this Interactive session was too aware students about “Adolescent health issues”, problems, strategies, and precaution to be taken.

This session was conducted under the supervision of Principal Mrs. Nandini Shukla and Club Moderator Mrs. Sudha Singh and Pushpa Ojha.