Maintain Peace do not divide into Piece

Admin | Friday September 22, 2017

Maintain ‘Peace’ do not divide into ‘Piece’ says Interactors of KSMS
On International day of peace, all the students of Interact Club of Kerala Samajam Model School shared the beauty of life ‘Peace’ among the students of Std. 8 to 10.The children inculcated the value of togetherness, human bonding with love, care and non-violence amongst the students through an explanation of different symbols of peace.
Senior Interactors prepared posters on symbols of Peace, they also explained the significance of symbols and how life becomes simple, with avoidance of violence and spread of love, positive affections for each other and empathy.
This activity was done under the guidance of Teacher Moderator of Interact Club. The activity was supervised under the Madam Principal Mrs. Nandini Shukla.


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