Lets light up lives together

Admin | Thursday October 19, 2017

“Lets light up lives together,” said Interactors of KSMS

The members of Interact Club of Kerala Samajam Model School gathered to the sparkle of Joy to more than 50 people at the Nirmal HridayBaradwari on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

The Interactors spent quality time with abandoned elders, providing them with the much-needed feeling of togetherness and bonding of a family which makes Diwali special to all.

Interactors dedicated Diwali greetings to the members of Nirmal Hriday by decorating the buildings, gardens and campus with candles, diyas, colourful lightings and distributed sweets, chocolates at old age homes which also encouraged the awareness to participate.

A team building exercise was done to add the cheer and joy amongst everyone. At the end of the lovely evening, the interactors left with hearts overflowing with love and delight.

At the end of an eventful, elevating, colourful, joyous and entertaining evening. Interactors added more joy among them by singing their favourite songs, which immersed them in the feeling of Gratitude and Happiness.

The whole activity was conducted by the moderator of Interact Club of KSMS under the supervision of Madam Principal Mrs Nandini Shukla.