Save Water for Future

Admin | Tuesday October 31, 2017

“Save Water for Future”, said Interactors

On 31st October, 2017 the first day of Interact Week. The Students of Interact Club of Kerala Samajam Model School visited the Jusco Water Treatment Plant,Sakchi to express Attitude of Gratitude to the General Manager Mr.R.K. Singh and the Supervisor Arun Jana for providing Clean Drinking Water for the people of Jamshedpur. There the students came to know about the Filtration Process of water treatment plant.

They explain the students about the significance of water. They explained the students about the quality parameter used by them to check the purity of water. JUSCO supplies approximately 45 million gallon/Day to the seven water towers situated at different localities of Jamshedpur. They suggested the students the modern ways and new techniques to harvest water.

In the JUSCO Water Treatment Plant the Subarnarekha river water is treated by different processes such as Coagulation in which chemical such as Alum Poly Aluminum Chloride is used. They explained us Percolation of water as ground water and their usage for the future generation.

From this activity the students came to know about the importance of water in life and awared the students about the scarcity of Clean Drinking water in the world for the future generation.

This whole activity was conducted by Teacher Moderators of Interact Club Mrs. Sudha Singh and  Mrs. Pushpa Ojha under the supervision of Madam Principal Mrs. Nandini Shukla.

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