World Diabetes Day

Admin | Saturday November 11, 2017

Global awareness of world diabetes day by Interactors of Kerala Samajam Model School
On World diabetes day, the students of  Interact club of Kerala Samajam Model School visited Simbuldanga village, to create global awareness among the people about Diabetes. Interactors conducted a free Diabetes Test for the people of the village.
Interactors gave tips on yoga in order to make their life healthy especially Surya Namaskar, pranayam, Anulom Vilom, Tadasana, Vrikshashana, Trikonasana, Kursiasana. They explained to people of that rural area about healthy food habit which will control their blood Sugar Level.
In their daily life, these people don’t get time to think about their health issues especially due to their unawareness about the causes of Diabetes. They work for longer period of time without having food in the Morning which is one of the major causes of diabetes, so to make them aware about cause and prevention of controlling Blood Sugar Level, Interactors of KSMS visited this Village.
The whole activity was conducted by the teacher moderator of Interact club Mrs. Sudha Singh and Mr. Abodh Singh and under the supervision of Madam Principal Mrs. Nandini Shukla.