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Earth Day 2020

Admin | Friday April 24, 2020

Kerala Samajam Model School takes up initiatives for the betterment of residents of Jamshedpur through various clubs that engage students in social and non-curricular activities for their holistic development.

The Environment Club is one of the clubs that has engaged students to be mindful of the earth even in this period of lockdown. The club celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April,2020 within its limitations to help students learn the values of keeping the environment clean, balanced.

With the mission “Go Green 2020” the club celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April. The students, teachers and parents associated with the club, executed simple but effective activities as a tribute to Mother Earth. The activities worth mentioning are nature photography, sound recording, fashion show on the theme 3R’s , rock painting , interviewing parents regarding the environment , wordtoon, acrostic poem writing, poster making, clicking selfies with nature etc.

The uniqueness of celebrations this year was that these activities were conducted online and students participated from their homes. Parents’ also supported and took part actively with their children. These activities will definitely have a lasting impact on the young generation.

The constant support and motivation from the school management plays the vital role in the organization of such inspirational activities and empowers the club moderators to take up effective projects further.

Poem & Poster Making | Earth Day 2020 Earth Day 2020 Reduce Reuse Recycle | Earth Day 2020

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