Hum Sab Saath Hain


Hum Sab Saath Hain

Admin | Monday May 4, 2020


KSMS strives to bring about a holistic development in the students. Apart from academic progress, the management also takes effective and essential steps to sensitize the young minds towards the environment and social life.

“Family Bonding” is one of the cultures of this institution. Students, teachers, office staff, sub staff and the stakeholders are all aligned in their day to day executions.

In the crisis period due to COVID 19, when social life is completely restricted, the environment club of the school organized a small program “HUM SAB SAATH HAIN” for the sub staffs of the school from 1st May 2020 to 3rd May 2020.

The club consisting of active students, teachers, and parents executed a three days program as the May Day Celebration 2020. The club moderators took the initiative to wish the sub staffs personally on the special day to know about their whereabouts, wish them and thank them for their service with dedication to the school.

Further, a WhatsApp group had been created with their permission and later colorful events performed by the members were forwarded to them. The events performed by the club were, songs, recitations, drawing, fancy dresses etc. Few of the members address them too. The parents and teachers contributed to the show by expressing their gratitude by clapping. The program was contributed in Hindi for their convenience. The club also spread awareness about the precautions for Covid 19. The audience was overwhelmed and they too expressed their pleasure through messages which come as a great motivation for the club.

The environment club has taken a great initiative by motivating the young minds who will give shape to a healthy and happy environment in the days to come. The club keeps transparency in its work and executes its responsibilities as per the guidelines of school management. The constant and effective support extended by the hands of the school enables the moderators to hold the flag of school high.

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