Senior Cabinet 2022-2023


Investiture Ceremony of the School Cabinet 2022 – 2023

Admin | Friday April 22, 2022

The Investiture Ceremony of the newly selected Student Council took place on 22nd April, 2022, in the presence of Principal, Mrs. Nandini Shukla, Vice-Principals, Mrs. Rajan Kaur, Mrs. Sujata Singh, Mrs. Rina Banerjee, Mr. A L Abraham.

There were total 27 students who took Oath which included the members of the Senior and the Junior Cabinet. The teacher moderators Ms. Rashmi Jain, Ms. Reema Sengupta, Ms. Santosh, and activity in-charge Ms. Nandita were present for the smooth conduction of the ceremony.

The Student Council would be responsible for the proper functioning of the school.

Senior Cabinet 2022-2023 Junior Cabinet 2022-2023

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