KSMS at ISMA 2022-23


KSMS Receives India School Merit Awards 2022-23

Admin | Wednesday December 7, 2022

Kerala Samajam Model School, received the India School Merit Awards 2022-23 in the award ceremony held at Bangalore.

KSMS has been accredited with the ISMA for the 3rd time.

The award was presented in the category India’s Top 20 ICSE Schools, amidst which Kerala Samajam Model School is :

Ranked No.1 in Jamshedpur

Ranked No.1 in Jharkhand

Ranked No.17 in India

among the participated schools for ISMA 2022-23.

The award was received by Mr. K P G Nair, Chairman, Kerala Samajam, Mr. K Muralidharan, President, Kerala Samajam and Mr. Abraham A L, Vice-principal.

Congratulations to all the Parents, Teachers and Stakeholders who voted for KSMS as the “Top ICSE School in Jamshedpur”.

KSMS at ISMA 2022-23

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