Interactive Session on Waste Management


KSMS Steps towards Green School

Admin | Wednesday May 4, 2022

Interactive Session on Waste Management

The Environment Club of the school organized an interactive session for the young minds, on the need of the hour, how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste on 4th May, 2022 in the school auditorium.

Ms. Madhulika Singh, an ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission from JNAC and Mr. Amit Sinha, the co-founder of Koru Foundation addressed and interacted with the students to find out their say and what they can do for their healthy and green future.

The interaction was followed by a captivating presentation for further motivation.

The students were guided to promote adherence to nature by decorating stones and gifting them to the Principal, Vice-Principals and school office.

The school management prioritizes a healthy campus, hence the Environment Club of the institution is always encouraged, supported and motivated to design Green projects and activities for both students and staff throughout the year.

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