“Protect & Promote the Environment – Learn at Home ”

Admin | Wednesday June 17, 2020

“Protect & Promote the Environment – Learn at Home ”

Kerala Samajam Model School aspires to model “Green School concept and influence the society on ways to ensure sustenance of healthy and quality life. The Environment Club of KSMS could make effective progress in its “Green Go Mission 2020” within a period of two months through several online activities definitely leaving a mark on the young minds.

To mark the World Environment Day 2020, various events were sequentially conducted from 22nd May (International Day for Biological Diversity) till 5th June, 2020.

The climax was the mass participation of students and staff in a virtual session on “Biodiversity”.  The audience was sensitized to the diversity in their habitat, the extinct species, the endangered birds & animals and most of all impact of human activities on the planet was focused on. Issues like waste management, need to ban plastic and use of Wall of Kindness were also discussed. Performance of the club members, interaction with the audience and inputs given by the higher authorities of the school made the sessions fruitful. The celebration concluded by taking a pledge to serve the Mother Earth unitedly.

The activities worth noting are Thumb printing, Vegetable and Leaf printing, Making of bookmarks using greens, Mask making, Hand painting, Best out of waste and many more. The club members explored the Backyard, Bingo Game, Holding Hands (concept of food chain), Picture reading (identification of birds). There was an overwhelming response from the students and parents. The activities were well presented in scrapbooks. Quiz and rangoli were organized for senior students.

Sessions were conducted by the club moderators with the assistance of ET of Tata Class Edge as technical hands to  spread awareness about our “unique planet” and to motivate the students  to execute  their  roles  in raising  the quality of life of  mankind and wildlife.