Disposal & Recycling of E-Waste


Right way of disposal and Recycling of E- waste

Admin | Wednesday July 27, 2022

An awareness session on the correct way of disposal of electronic wastes from household followed by the recycling procedure of the same was conducted by Hulladek at KSMS on 27th July, 2022, Wednesday.

The business associates from Hulladek, Ms. Aarti Sharma and Mr. Rajkamal Singh made the students aware about different types of E-waste which lead to environmental hazards due to the wrong practices of their disposal.

The students were informed about the collection of E-wastes from the school as well as about door to door collection. The recycling procedure was also explained during the interaction.

There is a Hulladek bin within the school campus and the students are always guided by the Environment Club of the school to deposit E-waste into the Hulladek bin at regular intervals throughout the year.

The constant support from the Principal, Ms. Nandini Shukla, the Vice Principals and the school management has always enabled the club to execute its role effectively. Hence, the session seemed to have an impact on the audience.

Disposal & Recycling of E-Waste Disposal & Recycling of E-Waste Disposal & Recycling of E-Waste Disposal & Recycling of E-Waste

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