Sustainability of Life


Sustainability of Life

Admin | Sunday June 5, 2022

On the eve of World Environment Day, the Environment Club of Kerala Samajam Model School, conducted two activities towards sustainability of healthy life in our “Only One Earth”.

Activity 1“Pyar Bhari Muthi”, wherein the students and staff of the school donated grains for the regular visitors, the common birds.
This may attract birds to the building, ensure their healthy survival and also in a way help maintain the biodiversity.

Activity 2“Mobile Fasting”, wherein the teachers and staff of the school submitted their mobile phones at a particular station arranged by the club in the school.
They worked without the sought after gadget for almost two hours.
This way exposure to the harmful rays of the mobile screens were restricted for a short span of time.

The school has well expressed a strong will for a better future by conducting the above mentioned initiatives.

The constant encouragement and support of the school management have always enabled the moderators of the club to be persistent in their roles and make a move towards accomplishing the vision of the school i.e. making the institution a “Green School”.

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Pyar Bhari Muthi Mobile Fasting Sustainability of Life

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