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Tuesday November 19, 2019

Half Yearly Examination 2019-2020

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Tuesday August 20, 2019

Quarterly Examination 2019-2020

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Friday May 10, 2019

Final Exam 2018 – 19

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Wednesday December 19, 2018

Pre ISC Examination 2017 – 18

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Monday November 19, 2018

Half Yearly Examination 2018 -19

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Friday September 14, 2018

Quarterly Examination 2018 -19

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Wednesday March 28, 2018

Final Exam 2017-18

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Wednesday March 28, 2018

Half Yearly 2017-18 

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Wednesday March 28, 2018

Quarterly Exam 2017-18

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Wednesday March 28, 2018

Half Yearly 2016-17

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News & Events

Mon May 11



KSMS CELEBRATES MOTHER’S DAY It is rightly said, there is no heroism greater than motherhood. Mother, the heartthrob of every home neglects her needs to cater to the needs of the family. So, the students of Care and Share & Junior Safe Club decided to honour them by coddling them and making them feel special […]

Sun May 10

Sumer Camp 2020

Online Summer Camp 2...

Tata Steel Sports Department presents its first-ever online Summer Camp Dear Parents, There will be an Online Summer Camp organized at the JRD stadium. Please enroll your children if they/you are interested. Don’t let COVID-19 dampen the spirits of the summer vacation for your child. Here’s a fun and learning experience for kids to participate […]

Fri May 8


Tailor services for Std. XI will not be available on May 12, 2020 (Tuesday). Students are requested not to visit the school for uniform measurement. For further updates about Tailor services please contact the school.   As per the directive of the Council and due to the uncertainty created by COVID-19 situation, we have decided […]

Thu May 7

Samajam Members & Teachers at work

Lockdown Philanthrop...

WE CARE KSMS has always played a pioneering role as far as social commitment is concerned. In this pandemic too, it rose tall and mighty to encounter the need of the hour and standby the disadvantaged lot of the society to alleviate misery caused by the sudden lockdown. The attempt to reach out to the […]

Thu May 7

Virtual Fitness Camp | World Athletics Day

Stay Fit, Stay Healt...

KSMS believes in an integrated and comprehensive development of its students. For this, physical education plays a prime role. Apart from imparting education through books, we at KSMS focus on developing the students universally. During this catastrophic period, we are trying to engage the students through various interesting activities that shall magnify their physical as […]

Mon May 4

Hum Sab Saath Hain

Hum Sab Saath Hain

HUM SAB SAATH HAIN KSMS strives to bring about a holistic development in the students. Apart from academic progress, the management also takes effective and essential steps to sensitize the young minds towards the environment and social life. “Family Bonding” is one of the cultures of this institution. Students, teachers, office staff, sub staff and […]

Fri May 1

Labor Day 2020

Greetings of Labor D...

The Management, Principal, Faculty and Staff of Kerala Samajam Model School would like to extend warm greetings to all the Support Staff of our school on the occasion of Labor day.   केरला समाजम मॉडल स्कूल के प्रबंधन समिति के सदस्यों, प्रधानाचार्या, उप प्रधानाचार्यों एवं समस्त शिक्षक वृन्द की ओर से हमारे विद्यालय के सभी […]

Thu Apr 30

World Day for Safety and Health

Safety first, preven...

Kerala Samajam Model School always strives to incubate the values of safety by taking up various initiatives for the enhancement of the students’ values, stakeholders’ commitment and the societies’ viewpoint. The Junior Safe Club (2020-2021) is such a club which has been created to engage the students in various safety-oriented activities during this lock down […]

Fri Apr 24

Reduce Reuse Recycle | Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Kerala Samajam Model School takes up initiatives for the betterment of residents of Jamshedpur through various clubs that engage students in social and non-curricular activities for their holistic development. The Environment Club is one of the clubs that has engaged students to be mindful of the earth even in this period of lockdown. The club celebrated Earth Day on 22nd […]

Thu Mar 19

Classes suspended ti...

Dear Parents, Please note the following: Classes for all students suspended till 14th April 2020 (Tuesday). For more updates, follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Thu Aug 15

73rd Independence Da...

73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY at KERALA SAMAJAM MODEL SCHOOL Kerala Samajam Model School celebrated the 73rd Independence Day in the new school campus at Golmuri. The Chief Guest Mr. K P G Nair, Chairman, hoisted the national flag at 8:00 a.m. in the school premise. In his speech he urged the students to look towards promoting […]

Fri Jul 5

Grandparents Day Celebration – 2019

Grandparents Day Cel...

Kerala Samajam Model School Celebrated the Grandparents Day on 2nd July 2019 at the School premises. For more updates, follow us on: Facebook  Twitter   Instagram      

Tue Jul 2

Nurse Appreciation Day – 2019

Nurse Appreciation D...

On 2nd July 2019 the members of Ethics Club celebrated “Nurse Appreciation Day “ to appreciate the people in the school who help children when they have injuries and when they fall ill. The members prepared sandwiches and shared with them to thank them. They understood the importance of appreciation. This drive was conducted under […]

Sat Jun 29

Global Forgiveness Day - 2019

Global Forgiveness D...

Global forgiveness day was observed on 27th June 2019 by the members of the Ethics Club. It is a day to forgive and to be forgiven. A wall of forgivness was made on which students of Std. V and Std VI wrote messages to ask for forgiveness. Their friends forgave them and felt happy. The […]

Thu Apr 25

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day - 2019

“Thank you for switching off the lights and fans” was message given to the children of KSMS on the occasion of Earth Day by the Ethics Club.Only when a person is cautious about using electricity can he save the environment .the children of club participated whole heartedly to spread this message. This drive was conducted […]

Tue Mar 26

World Water Day – Let’s Remind

World Water Day - Le...

On the occasion of World Water Day the Ethics Club of Kerala Samajam Model School conducted a “LET’S REMIND” drive on 26th March, 2019 to spread awareness among students about saving water through posters at various strategic points in the  school premises.The student’s involvement was praiseworthy.   This drive was conducted under the guidance of Ethics Club Moderators Ms. Rashmi Jain and Ms. Poonam Sharma and Madam Principal […]

Sat Jan 26

Republic Day Celebrations - 2019

Republic Day Celebra...

Celebrating Republic Day at KSMS   On the occasion of 70th Republic Day 2019 the flag hoisting ceremony was held in the school campus in the presence of School Children, Parents, Teachers, and Members of the Managing Committee.   The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest, MR. VARGHESE SAMUEL (President, Kerala Samajam) at 8.30 am. Accompanied by Mr. K P G Nair, […]

Thu Jan 24

Science Exhibition at KSMS

Science Exhibition a...

Science Exhibition held on 14th January 2019   For more updates, follows us on: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

Mon Dec 17


KG Day 2018

No year is complete without showcasing the talent of the students of L.Kg and the U.Kg. As we approach the end of 2018, KG Day was held on 15th December 2018, a colorful and memorable Cultural Fest was organized by the teachers of L.Kg & U.Kg. and held in classy auditorium of our school. In this grand show, 200 students were […]

Thu Dec 13

Play: ALIBABA and 40 THIEVES - December 2018

Play: ALIBABA and 40...

The students of Std. 5, 6 and 7 of KSMS staged a play, “Alibaba and 40 thieves”, on Monday, 10th December 2018, in the newly inaugurated school auditorium.   Students enacted an adaptation of the story for their parents, Principals of local schools and members of the KSMS Managing Committee. Accompanied by lilting, music, beautiful props, elegant costumes and graceful […]

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